Blanc Vs Rio

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Blanc important stats, workrate, and height is better than Rio. Why is Rio more appreciated and more expensive than Blanc? I am talking about 89 Blanc Vs 90 Rio


  • LAtechDAWG
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    I think it comes down to acceleration and ability to close down on the attacker for Rio for most. Honestly i’ve never used either you listed, but I’ve read up a ton on hear trying to find that perfect back line pairing. So far I’ve only bit on prime blanc who ended up only costing me about 250k and a worthless untradeable base Larrson. For what it’s worth I have loved blanc so far and think he plays the perfect holding cb (which is exactly what most describe Rio to be as well). I currently have him paired w/ baby Maldini who has been solid but I plan I swapping him for base desailly (to play more of the aggressive interceptions) once I manage to snag one for sub 375k
  • Sumitro
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    Just bought Blanc 89 to pair with IF Benatia as I am still unsure whether to buy or do Prime Rio SBC. Blanc has much better agility and balance which is why people like Azpi or Ramos for those reasons.
  • Neal1982
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    Have both, both are decent!
  • Diggy
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    I had prime Blanc & Rio

    Couldn’t decide which to put in Maldini as I liked both it came down to who had the most Red cards I put Blanc in
  • Gorda
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    Acceleration IMO. Ferdinand is superfast + top notch physical stats and defending.
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