Squad help (a bit stacked now) Icons and EPL TOTS

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So after having a few positions to fill (CMs and RB/LB) I have had a few good pulls so now find myself trying to squeeze in as much as I can, trying not to switch formation too but might be inevitable.

Current team. Mostly 41212 narrow. Desailly, Carlos and Arias tradable.

Prime Dinho - Prime Crespo
Prime ADP
?? - Prime Petit - ??
86 Carlos - Prime Blanc - 87 Des - TOTS Arias

To try use: TOTS Kane
Others: TOTS Mane, TOTS Mahrez, TOTS Young, 86 Larsson. While Young is decent the other 2 havnt done much so far but gameplay in seasons been gash. Larsson could use for chem.

Options: switch formation to 442 or 4231 (2), Kane as a CM or ST, Dinho to LM??? Bring in Zanetti RB or other icon through SBC using TOTS cards, bring in TOTS Van Ginkel/ Lozano for chem on right side

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