Is it worth trading Tots Bender into the Zaha SBC

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I have used NIF Goretzka in his place before. RDM in a 4-2-2-2


  • Mssingno
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    I’d rather keep my TOTS cards for the TOTS SBC’s tbh.
  • JamieT96
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    If you're confident you can win a DKT every week if you need to as well as weekly objectives then why not.
  • Tee
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    Will you be using the Zaha?Bargain overall if you plan on playing with him.
  • maximilson
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    I did it. Won't use him at all and it saved me a bunch of coins/higher rated players in my club. Still have a couple of untradeable TOTS left for SBC's.
  • Xx_iou_cheesecake_xX
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    Ended up using ROTW SBC player, then won the DKT with Zaha and now I've just packed Mahrez
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