Those still using Ibarbo, Doumbia etc

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Why?!?! So many quality players for such cheap prices, and still I face Doumbia, Ibarbo and Walker every damn game. I just dont get it. Sad really


  • JatefuDias
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    Because they win matches
  • ScorcherPrime
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    Doumbia is a game changer for me
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    JatefuDias wrote: »
    Because they win matches

  • Jaymizzo
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    Well the sweat trio is priceless to some people... Not to mention that insane GL/G ratio these sweat beasts generate
  • TheGabc
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    Sure they are "OP" but for me they dont even get close to the level that 85+ rated player play on, I find it incredibly boring to use them as well. Guess it´s down to personal preference. Just truly sad in my opinion.
  • You wouldn't be bothered if they were not good enough against you.
    Back at the start of this game my Ibarbo had nearly the same GL/G as my current RB CR7 which is nearly 2.5:1 the difference is I wasn't in D1 when I was playing with Ibarbo, mainly D3

    and I'm still using Walker in my BPL team to defend against fast strikers, there is no shame in that.

  • Sadly because he is effective :smiley: .

  • jdsmith1966
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    I still use walker he's the best nif RB in the BPL but i could never bring myself to use Doumbia/Ibarbo the shame would be too much
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