Fifa forcing me to do Hybrid. Any tips would help.

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Like to play Serie A squad, but SB:s forcing me to do something else. So any tips make this squad better? Thank you.


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    I think a GK and a 2nd str would definitely improve the squad.

    MOTM Donnuramma was good, I imagine his IF would be good but I imagine he'll get a TOTS.
    Don't know what your budget is but I think IF/PTG Jesus could compliment Lukaku well, unless you'd prefer tots firmino.
  • WarrenBarton
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    Tots Firmino if you can afford him
  • mdizzl3
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    TOTS Firmino.

    Any Serie A keeper
  • ForestGrump70
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    Needs an 81 Jesus ;)
  • Salama
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    Try IF Donnarumma 86. He's been great for me, especially 1 on 1 on close range he pulls incredible saves. Not expensive either.

    TOTS Firmino is awesome, but maybe you need a fast and small get in behind striker to pair with Lukaku - the Prime Larsson type. Or play Neymar LST...?
  • FinEverton
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    Thanks all. Won DKT with these players + NIF Donnarumma and NIF Jesus. I could buy TOTS Firmino. Could he match with Aguero? TOTS Lukaku feels too heavy after 6 games, but maybe I should give him time.
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