Team advice. PL SBC dilema.

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Evening. Just had some amazing luck in the sbc, which has thrown up a team dilema ( a nice one ).

Was hoping for a midfielder or a defender after packing Son in the first SBC. Only went and got Sane in the second. So now I'm at a total loss of what to do as I've been using 41212-2 recently and they both won't work there. It seems a total waste of my luck not to use them both from the start

This is what I have now:

Tradeables are Alli, Alisson, Benatia and Alaba.

Did consider using him as a RCM with his height and physical stats but I would feel a bit dirty.

This is what I thought about moving to as I was using this formation for months at the start of the game:


I'd be a good way towards Roberto Carlos. I have 100k coins in cash and an icon submitted to him already. Matic is a bit cheaper than Alli so that frees up even more.

What would you do?


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