TOTS Son Owners

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What chem styles do you use? I use Engine on him as I saw Youtubers Marshall does that and put him as Left Striker in partner with CR7.

Is TOTS Son your best striker in this game?


  • BrettEmmett
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    I also use engine on Son, and he’s world class. Although him being 92 rated means I expect a lot out of him, and if he ever fluffs an easy chance I’ll shout at him through the tv haha.
  • letsfifa10
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    he is already awesome in basic, maybe hawk will make him ultimate st with boost to his shoot and physical

    i found him equally as good as cr7
  • WryLucky
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    TOTS Son is amazing, I just have him on basic since everything is so high. He's been far better than CR7 so far.

    This is the team I use him in.
  • Sumitro
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    Engine will boost his Curve stat to 98 and with Finesse Shot specialties, can be confident to say 98% of finesse shot if done properly, will end up at the back of the net. Either foot.
  • letsfifa10
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    Play him as lst and mahrez as rst in game in 4312 (both untradables)

    great partnership, mahrez is very cool and have lethal left foot 5*/4*, really complement his 4*/5*

  • heefmondo
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    edited May 2018
    Left Striker with Prime Shearer. Finisher chem

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