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Sell CR7 and do the R10 SBC ?

608 posts An Exciting Prospect
Could not test the R10 loan, is he much better than CR7 ?


  • McRaven
    5356 posts Big Money Move
    Does CR7 have a ponytail?

    Can CR7 do the R10 celebration?

    If the answer to these is no then you must do R10.
  • seBozz
    608 posts An Exciting Prospect
  • VanBasten12
    6784 posts Big Money Move
    You've used CR7. Good one.

    But agree, need to sell him & get one of the most unique cards in the game.

    Great time to do it, with the most expensive TOTS in packs too!
  • SimenHP
    2094 posts Fans' Favourite
    R10 is great, but I would wait until WC mode and see if he will be obtainable through WC SBC, but if you plan on playing normal FUT then R10 is one of the most fun cards on the game (I would do Gullit personally instead of R10, he is the biggest gamechanger on Fifa 18)
  • seBozz
    608 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I own 90 Gullit but thx.
    Will do the SBC after tuesday.

  • SupaNoodle1990
    26451 posts Player of the Year
    Do it, I loved Dinho 89 card, his 94 must be an absolute joke of a card.
  • seBozz
    608 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Need him for TOTS Firmino.
    Decided to keep him. Got him yesterday from the SBC.
  • Daveofwales01
    8395 posts League Winner
    As much as I like prime r10 I'd swap him for prime r9 if I could
  • bad pack luck
    2827 posts Fans' Favourite
    I just made a team with both prime Dinho and Bday CR7, I couldn't choose between the two. They are each doing incredible things.
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