2 red cards; 19 shots on target; 3 penalties missed

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Today I saw it. The ultimate handicapping anyone can experience in a game..

Opponent is 2 divisions below me. He got 2 red cards in first 30 min for being an angry douche. Barely touched the ball rest of the game. He gave away 3 penalties, I missed all 3 with very good accuracy on my control and I
had 18 shots on target.

He won the game 4-3...

I'm speechless


  • Master110
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    Try defending better instead of rushing up the pitch trying to score 10 goals a game.
  • Bejore
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    Looks like the fifa cheat has struck
  • PG13
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    I agree with you. But id like to see the 19 shots you had on target. Come on he had 9 players your just not clinical in front of goal.
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