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Ea.... Helloooo.... Are you there? Are you reading & supporting all the nintendo community

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EA.... Helloooo....are you there? Are you reading & supporting all the Nintendo Community?!

What is wrong with you EA developers, get a grip and focus on making a better FIFA game FOR NINTENDO SWITCH, its 2018 and Nintendo Switch is the future gaming console not a PlayStation 2 or Xbox 360 or a PS3.

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  • EA_Cian
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    Just as a quick head's up, I've gone ahead and edited the discussion title so it's not all in caps.

    With that out of the way, we're always looking at the forums and listening to feedback even if we're not always actively posting. So while you may not hear from us, rest assured we're listening! :smile:
  • BrychanCymru
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    @EA_Cian you're listening but you're not doing anything about it?
    I mean no disrespect to you and your coworkers, but the effort that is put into the Switch Version of FIFA 18 is abysmal. I don't mind not having a few features such as objectives and weekend league, but missing out on whole events like FUT Swap? I bought this game at full price on release day and so did many others, I've put money into this game and I feel that it hasn't been worth it. It's a full price game, so it should have 90-100% of the features the other consoles have. If you knew it wouldn't, then why didn't you say at launch? There are many ways for the new events to be put into the Switch Version, just look at these forums as there are a lot of great ideas that would work. I can't even remember the last time we had an update? There's been a problem with the FIWC Stadium since launch that makes it unplayable. I love this game, I just wish it was the game I, and many others, hoped it would be and the game that we paid full price for.
  • Jassonlegree
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    I actually called and complained to nintendo directly about this title @EA_Cian at least thier customer service helps and they apologized for you. Needless to say i got alot of my frienda calling in now to complain directly about ea games and lack of support on the switch
  • sdub51
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    "We are listening, but we just don't care." :)
  • BrychanCymru
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    @EA_Cian has been active on the forums since our comments and hasn't replied, further evidence that they don't care
  • sdub51
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    @EA_Cian can you please just confirm one way or the other if a fix is forthcoming
  • Jassonlegree
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    @EA_Cian I wouldnt mind if you guys just tell us you dont care then we can stop harassing you with questions but at least be honest about it
  • barrychc
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    @EA_Cian Honestly speaking I expected all features on other platform when I bought the game, as it shares the same title which is misleading. If it was called something like FIFA18 Light/Essential/Basic/etc then I would re-consider certainly.

    After all, I enjoy playing matches on Switch very much. It’s a shame that it lacks support on other area which let us down and ruined the the overall experience on the platform.
  • JasonB
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    @EA_Cian Change Salah OTW max price range it's ridiculous!
  • Ateam
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    HAHA they are reacting when someone puts the title in caps, but all the other comments they ignore. Haha what a joke!

    Maybe we have to put our compliants in caps instead? ....what a joke.
  • Can I get TOTS Kobayashi Yu with a switch version?
    There is a possibility of becoming a reward for online tournaments, but no matter how much you wait you will not find an opponent.
    I am a fan of him, so regrettable that there is no way to get it.

    I would like EA to make efforts to increase the number of FUT players.
    There are 120,000 soft purchasers in Japan, but the number of FUT players is extremely small.
    Many of them are resistant to registering email addresses.
    In order to attract them, it is not enough to present a switch pattern uniform.

    (I am using translation software.)
  • Solari
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    I want arias and Lozano too do something ea
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