Not a bad FIFA 18 on Nintendo switch

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**Few thing is excellent in FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch are:-

1. Graphics is clear and crisp in details in HD on tv mode and handheld mode (that's without the Frostbite Engine) but the lighting and shadows needs to be a bit more deeper and standout

2. Players face scan is high quality details and hair details is impressive (take a close-up look at the players in Instant Replay in the pause menu)

3. Team kits, boots and footballs is high quality details

4. 3D grass is much better then flat grass pitch and some stadium and spot lights details are better then others. Digital advert/bill board are good too.

**Few things would be excellent to see in FIFA 19 are:-

1. Proper Managers (not fake managers) at the sideline just like the Xbox one/PS4

2. Quick Substitute (not having to pause the game and substitute player manually)

3. Update players celebrations (more players get together to celebrate rather then just the two players celebrate) just like the Xbox One/PS4

4. Update the players walking out of the entrance onto the pitch and off the pitch at half-time, and also update and accurate all players handshakes at the line-up before kick off

5. Official Premier League and other leagues presentation display before the match

6. The gameplay in FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is good but it could do with bit of tweaking to make the gameplay better and similar to the Xbox one/PS4 gameplay

7. Add dusk/sunset lighting to the stadium when set the time of match between 6pm to 8pm spring/summer
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    Thanks EA if you are reading the above
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