Calcio A and Best recomended RB Player - any suggestion?

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Hi Im sold most my best players from team waiting to upcoming tots - My team is mostly from Calcio A . But bassicly is possible in TOTS from Calcio A will be realesed without any RB position player yes? Im check in Futbin in last Year in their TOTS was no any RB position player?

So at this point the best recomended player for me will be Zannetti 92 sbc costs 270k . What do you think is not worth waiting for TOTS --> in case this RB positions player <--- beacose they probably relased Calcio A tots without any RB player and secund question is now good time to make this Zanetti 92 SBC for 270k or price from this sbc soon more drope or biger chance is price rise so its good time to make it now? Any sugesstion ?


  • Rajivvv86
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    Zanetti. i have his 88 and he is fantastic for me. Alternatively, Florenzi or bday Peres.
  • fazer
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    Yes im decided make Sbc Zanetti 92 cost around 260 k and the best part im got few packs for make this sbc and in one ( rare gold pack ) im hit - Icon Van Basten 89 - sold him for 275 k so basicly Zannetti 92 for free.
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    IF Lichtensteiner is pretty decent
  • Salama
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    Only had him for less than 10 games, but FBD Peres is the most insane player I've used so far. Even with Stay back he pops up all over the field: building attacks, inside the opponent's penalty box, on the left side defending... but he also makes these crazy aggressive interceptions all the time. It's like he's decided to win the game by himself if no-one else does. Gotta love that card!
  • E_clipZe
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    Bday Peres is really good imo
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