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How do you guys use bale

I have him in a 433(4) in rw and he just doesn't work he feels so bad a turning and dribbling his speed is great though but he just annoys me,neymar on the other hand feels so much smoother and better. How do I get bale to tick in my team?


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    With him you just have to sprint dribble and try not to move side to side. He will get past most people that way. The "step over then touch to the opposite side" move is rly effective with him also.
  • i have the same type of team, bale always used to miss shots, play bad, etc so I had to change the way I play with him, now I use him for the pace and whenever I shoot with him I just aim right at goal and blast. It seems when I try to place it in the side of the net it goes wide every time. Could just be me, but after changing my gameplay with bale he has been more productive. In a 433 there are a lot of scoring options so bale might not show up every game, he is definitely a ghost some games for me
  • 65 Balance is the problem, in my opinion, a more important stat than dribbling.

    He was good at running fast and that's about it. I was ****** because I spent a long time waiting to afford him at the time, I sold him after a week or so for a loss and got IF James, who was much better, but the right foot right winger didn't work for me. He lasted a month or so until I picked up IF Vela who feels so much better IG.
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