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We are 2 players who've played together for about a year, wanting to create a club that will eventually play pro11 leagues. Since we're a new club, we’re not gonna be a pro11 team overnight, so we’re looking for patient and mature players that want to be part of starting up this club – NOT people who just come and go as they please and just join when they’re bored. Furthermore, u have to be willing to listen to constructive criticism, and ofc we are open to that aswell.

I wouldn’t say we play a certain style – if the opponent has a high defensive line, we play deep behind them, if they stay back we might go for crosses or short thru balls or lobs into the box or shots from the edge of the box… The important thing for us isn’t to have a very structured style that is the same for every game, it’s that everyone are teamplayers with good vision and for the attacking players to be able to make good runs with good timing.. What we do NOT want is dribblers – it’s fine to try the dribble once in a while in the right position, but 9/10 times pass… 1-2’s are most often more effective to get past a man than dribbles..

As we’re starting the team from scratch, we’re looking for most positions, but as we do want to play competitive at some point, you will have to trial and if u don’t make the team, accept it and move on.
We will be using team teamspeak and speaking English

Add BaBundu or tomelvis on origin if interested.


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    Hi dudes i recently joined pc version recently but i was a 90 cdm cam in fifa 18 xbox1. Im currently lookin for a team to play permenantly aswell so im willing to do a trial with you guys so wht time will u guys be playin at? Im in uk btw
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