Squad battles difficulty

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Anyone else seen an increase in difficulty. AI is so physicality strong fast in finding it so hard and I've been playing legendary since November.

Always had the odd game that has been really hard but this is just crazy that aguero is shoving my koulibaly to the ground.


  • Futfanatic
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    Its so easy I do it while watching two and a half men reruns. Ultimate kills me tho.
  • jbunnerz
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    Yea normally I do it fine with other stuff going on. I'm having to focus so hard it feels like ultimate for me this weekend. Really strange
  • blasé
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    I've not noticed a difficulty spike and I've played all 45 this week - never again! Lel. There's always the odd crazy game where the Ai just pummel yr team to death regardless of card or chem.
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