Chiellini worth getting?

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Be worth getting over manolas?


  • LovelyVillain
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    He’s pretty cheap, just try him. For me, he’s the best CB in the game under 300k.
  • Bigfootisblurry
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    edited April 2018
    I prefer him to Manolas for sure.
  • LovelyVillain
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    Manila’s is good but Chiellini is basically an Icon.
  • Overevil
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    if Benatia
  • kraid
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    Overevil wrote: »
    if Benatia

  • sheffutd87
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    87 Benatia is miles better than him.

    Actually I preferred Benatia and Manolas over using Chiellini
  • Domrc
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    If Benatia and chiellini, best duo non icons, if benatia is the best non icone u have
  • JoyW
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    Chiellini was really good for me. Him, Boateng and Ramos are the best NIF defenders for me. David Luiz and Bailly are close behind them.
  • Jimb0d
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    I also think if benatia is better.
  • Mdx
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    Manolas is an icon.
  • LovelyVillain
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    I have both Chiellini and 87 Benatia and I give up wayyyyyy more goals with 87 Benatia in my lineup. Chiellini is easily the best defender imo, with Bonucci not far behind. Just try Chiellini, you won’t be disappointed as he has it all and with Shadow, he has practically maxed out defense stats and high 80s pace, with a Low/High WR that means he will always be back to stop attackers, PLUS he wins a ton of headers. He’s just about as perfect as you can get for under 300k or 400k.
  • Ballist1x
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    I find that chiellini is too penalty prone for me to use:(
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