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So I made it to Division 5 and I cleaned house in Division 6.

I played exactly the same style and created a ton of opportunities, but the first 4 games in Division 5, I outshot my opponent 18 to 5 or even larger, but lost each game by one frigging goal.

I dominated each game, but the problem was, Division 5 ai was a blocking phenom. Has anyone else experienced this in moving up a division? I would one time the ball and there was no way my opponent was blocking the ball, it was all steroid ai. Most of these shots were side to side pass movement creating a space for a shot, not the crazy out of the box goals, but the ai always got a foot or body on it.....I noticed the only goals my opponents scored were lateral tap ins.

Has ea upped the ai in higher divisions, like putting the ai players in ultra mode? Why can't there be consistency in this stupid game???
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