CR7 - 97 what is good price for him?

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How do you think?

2,2 for fresh is ok? Or anything over 2 mil is overpaying af?

From beinc idiot with my coins I started to be more reasonable because I lost easily around 10 milion coins on tax this year with list cheaper to sell faster etc.


  • Legend Killer
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    Minor upgrade over the 96 which is 1.65 so maybe try sniping at 2 million if you really want him.
  • MD_Breezy13
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    Honestly would avoid with the tots right around the corner. But if you really want him now then 2 mil as the above poster said is good.
  • Koolfashion
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    Bought toty messi for 2 mil. Ill abuse finesse in seasons for some games haha.

    Ill wait with CR7, his toty should drop a lot if tots will be st.
  • Idek
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    All his other ST cards might get panic sold like mad if his TOTS is announced as a ST
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