Transfer Market perma ban through the Web App

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I used to be a little sceptical when i saw posts claiming that accounts have been banned without a reason. However, this morning it happened to me. It's only a Web App market ban but i can't see why.

I don't do any major trading on the App, i just monitor player prices and complete SBC's. I did not overpay for any card or sell above value.

I used to get the human verification every now and then, which i thought was very annoying as it would happen even if i added some players to my targets. However i never mass bidded or anything and i also haven't used Futbin import in ages. Therefore, i can't see what rules i broke. Last night i loaded the App for 5 minutes and all i did was buy a couple of silver players for a league SBC for 300 coins.

I guess i'll try to talk to EA but i doubt anything will come out of it. This Web App restriction is not only a big inconvenience for me but also a concern as it seems i can lose my account without a reason and an explanation.
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