Weird WL glitches

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So I encountered 2 glitches this weekend league.

The first one, I started a game and the controller was totally unresponsive even though it was on, I tried pressing the Xbox home button, nothing, the light on the Xbox button was still on, and then the game disconnected me for inactivity, in the after match screen the control started working again. I took a video and reported the guy as I suspect he was cheating, anyone else experienced this?

The second glitch, in around the 70th min I subbed on naingolan and kante for matheus and petit, for some reason Eric bailly came on for kante but the game didnt pick it up, in the after match screen it shows kante on the field and Eric bailly on the bench but bailly was on the field and kante on the bench. I've got a video of this too, anyone experienced the same?

Never encountered either of these glitches before until the WL just gone. I can't get my head around it!
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