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EA dont like players traders who make profit in markets -> But is one thing im dont understand ...

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Im start play fifa 18 around 5-6 month ago around 1 month ago im got not corect pernament market ban for Web App ( for masive manual bids on cards ) message with complain not help they send not true reason - something abaout using bots - and other strange story...

Ok so now im start use market only in ps4 and im have same a lot problems - im dont know they flagged my account or what .

Every time when im start more massive bids cards they put my accounts under hidden ban " other person make bids higher then you or.... even if im try buy cards from options buy now.

And this is instantly put to period 24 h every time when im start some more agresive licitation example 10 minuts licitation in some 30-40 cards in row then soon they put me under same 24 ban ( other team make bids higher then you ).

Not for 15 minuts not 1 -2 h period but instantly 24h ban.

So in this point this killed all enterteiment from play if is even not possible play how im can play if im cant even buy fitnes and injured cards.

Im can understand Ea try push customers to buy more packs and often locked even without reason. with not corect reasons customers who make profit in markets / even if they not broke any rulez - Beacose is no any rulez in EA terms and conditions with clear informations abaout is not allowed make agresive bids on card - if bids are make manual.

But in this way when they completly locked players from markets how we can play If we cant even buy fitnes or injured cards? In my case Web app market locked pernamently and PS4 market every time when im start agresive bids - > instantly locked for 24 h

If they wonna in this way push customers to buy packs then they shoud at lest allowed customers to use options buy now - and put under bans only bidding cards without options buy now.

Why is so hard for EA make clear rulez in site write example is not allowed make example more bids then example 50 in period example 10 minuts . Now they dont have any rulez like this but still they pernament or timely locked customers acces to markets and later send some often not corect reason - Beacose not all groups players who make masive bids on markets are cheaters not all group use bots basicly most of them just try make some profits in honest way to build their team and - we still got bans...


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