The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on Console & on PC and includes the changes listed here.

Fix the Cristiano sbc

The Cristiano sbc (to be specific the Albirex Niigata) is impossible to finish. With the players who have switched clubs and/or position makes it impossible to finish this sbc. I went to your support and they sent me here to write about it. The thing is that this is a legal problem as this can be seen and is seen by me as false information or misleading information. I study law in Sweden and this is illegal. I would like to be compensated in 3 days. That amount of time is well enough for the people at EA to give me Coins for the Coins I spent and for the time I spent talking to your support and for the time I spent on the sbc. I would like to be compensation to be in the sbc card Cristiano or in coins of 100,000 for the reasons stated above. (From a fans stand point, I’m really disappointed in ea for wasting my time like this and making write a novel just to get help. But I still like the game.



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