Fifa World Cup Mode Thread.


  • jpsblue
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    I’ve only really played it this week. I’ve been enjoying it as a break from normal fut.

    Opposition is pretty poor though, I’ve not lost a game yet :joy:

    Yeah my record was like 65-1-1. I just cba playing that after a point and after they basically gave us free icons it became 10x more boring than it already was.

    I think it’s probably attracted the less hardcore contingent of FUT players, that’s why it’s so easy.

    It took me about 2 hours to get 7 icons in my team, so it probably attracts those that aren’t very good at trading too.

    I’m taking it for what it is “pwn some noobs mode” :joy:

    Eas strategy was to use it as a coin sink. Made us use our coins,killed it with pretty much free icons,+1 boosts on normal players and then release monster Wc and classic cards on regular fut so kids run back to UT and spend $$$.. These guys know their **** IL give them that.

    I put 600k into it, but that’s a drop in the ocean at this stage to me.

    Yeah I put in around 1.2 bud.Just found it a bit pointless personally tbh coz I only played like 50 games and left it. Now I want all these cards on regular fut and im broke AF. :D

    @Agent VZ same boat as you. when WC came out i had 2m liquid and put in 800k into it, stopped playing it after a week :D i mean coins aren't that big of a problem for me right now, but another 800k on the 1.5m i had before buying FOF Son would have been good :D
  • Keano
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    Gone back to normal FUT as they have the big upgrades, else my teams completed on FUTWC now & there's no point playing as no player that's not an Icon is worth getting as they won't be upgraded enough to compete with them.
  • Baners
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    if you have normal fut you can literally create a better world cup experience there
  • Baners
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    going to use most of my cards for european upgrades and see if mbappe is really on my cant pack list
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