Bday Mahrez - Thoughts?

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Anyone used this slimy ****? Stats look good. Positioning looks good. Price looks good!

- too weak on the ball maybe?

Just looking for some thoughts from whoever has used him!



    3891 posts National Call-Up
    He was OK for me, but was weak on the ball. Well worth his price though IMO
    155 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Fantastic for me, stick hunter on him and he will thrive. I play him as a wide CAM and plays like overmars tbh
  • limjitwe
    6737 posts Big Money Move
    Used him as central CAM. Play a couple of good games. Stinkers for the rest. The prefer to use left foot trait really hinders him even if he does have a 4* wf. So I would say not a good long term CAM. But he’s not pricey which is the only plus.
  • rankon.
    1934 posts Fans' Favourite
    Feels like an icon when he's got hunter. Unreal finishing, pace and dribbling.
  • richo27
    3735 posts National Call-Up
    Unbelievable as CF in 4411 for me. 27 in 27 for me.
  • Salama
    1305 posts Professional
    LCAM in 4231 narrow - can't find a better option in PL. Fast (with hunter chem), good passing, left footed, shoots his share of goals.
  • WelshXavi
    671 posts Semi-Pro
    To start with I was worried about his strength but you learn to play around it. His finesse shots are the best I've used on this game. I play him at CAM sometimes but he's a bit weak there really. He's best at right sided striker. I put "get in behind" on him and he's won me loads of penalties because his dribbling is so good. Just cut inside and let the good times roll.
  • EA_Andy
    3114 posts EA Community Manager
    Been using him in my 3-5-2 at CAM. Been great, no complaints.
  • cornbeef
    410 posts Sunday League Hero
    Best dribbler i have ever used, the way he exits skill moves is insane. His passing is really good too. I found his shooting average and he was just too weak if you got too close to anyone he you just give them the ball. I sold for a loss after using him for the weekend league
  • Kenny0909
    22 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I use him RCAM in a 4231 and cutting in on the left foot is deadly, get a hunter on him and goes past players easily
  • GoalGiant
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    Happy birthday Mahrez! Have a good day mate.
  • smcali23
    1226 posts Professional
    He's great. High level IMO.
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