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Are refs broken for anyone else? Well by broken I mean nearly non existant?

I've just been hacked all game with nothing given. Was even slid from behind inside the box was nowhere near the ball, nothing given, he countered and scored.

The 1 time I did get a free kick was in the 90th minute when I was counter attacking and it got pulled back.

Yet usually I get a free kick given against me if they run into my player.

Strange how refs can treat teams differently you would have thought it was just in the program to treat both the same.


  • gabriel1990
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    Wasn't Mzizzi for sure. That fker will give you a yellow for breathing too hard
  • zoltan88zadine
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    Mzizzi should just wear a yellow shirt every game guy basically has a yellow card in his hand at all times.
  • ChrisMagicman13
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    I just find the refs constantly block my players runs and take them out. 3 times today they’ve blocked a players run for me and once sent futbirthday rooney flying to the floor
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