Can you suggest me new RB player for my team -? thanks for all suggestion.

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Hi this is screnshot from my team -xBRPMsw.jpg Im now wonna improved team and put new RB to my team - Like you see team is mainly from calcio A.

Now in RB position im have Lichtsteiner Inform. So im wonna change it to beter RB what will be the best choice for me ? Im have few idea

1. Bruno Peres Birthday - -> nice pac but -> Hight Attac - LOW defense H/L rating
2. Puyol 86 Icon -
3. Zanetti 88 - - good pac - but poor jumping / heading

or im shoud buy player not conected chemistry with my team and put him to team from beanch in first minute of all games ? example :

1. Dani Alves TOTY
2. Kyle Walker 86 Inform

Im looking for RB with high pac and good defensive - physic statistic.

So any idea what SHOULD I do? - im can spend maximum 400 k coins .

And one more things if im put player from beanch in first minute then he will be have 5 chemistry ?

Thanks for all sugestion !


  • Pezza1984
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    Personally i'd wait until TOTS to replace your RB when there will be numerous possibilities for you, prime Zanetti should be out soon so that is another option
  • KnowYourRole
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    Im using bruno peres he's solid.. Just give him a chemistry style to boost defence and instructions to stay back and you're good.
  • shepj6
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    88 Zanetti, he's amazing, best RB I've used this FIFA. Prev RB's I've used in this team are Florenzi, TOTY Alves and FB Peres.
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