Base Icon Upgrade...If you follow investments...

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Shouldn't the good base icons jump in price for a while (before tots) after base icon upgrade is gone? There will be a lot less supply of the good ones so to me it should happen. So based on how a few of my other investments have gone, they'll actually drop instead, lol. Any experienced investors/anyone with any input on what direction they'll go in the next couple of weeks?


  • PelzyWelzy
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    Wouldn’t surprise me if EA just keep refreshing the Base Icon SBC every fortnight with different formations, much like they did last week..

    I reckon the SBC is here to stay.
  • WarrenBarton
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    People will have less interest once tots comes out. It’s already pointless doing some as you can get them cheaper off the market.
    I do understand that some people have a lot of untradeable players (that will reduce the sbc cost) but I think this number is dwindling.

    Will we get new icons? And how would they affect the price of existing base icons?

    I find the market too hard to call this year. I can tell when something is dirt cheap but I can not foresee fluctuations in base icons unfortunately.
  • alanrudy
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    Thanks for the input y'all. I doubt new icons, but ya never know. I think there will be less interest once tots comes out but there might be a little period before tots where the good ones jump in price. And yeah, if base icon is here to stay, all bases will go down.
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