Bale - very disappointed with him

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been playing with inform Bale CF in draft .. whats wrong with him - he keeps falling over.. not like this card at all


  • Claret_n_blue_blood
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  • BigGuyStan
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    Did you play him on full chemistry?
  • wbasteele
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    BigGuyStan wrote: »
    Did you play him on full chemistry?

    good question - ive tried him on 10 chem and also 3 chem - it makes no difference - bale is not cut out as a striker
  • jonkero
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    Did you checked your NAT connection?
  • Bananakick
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    Did you get the right bale?
  • wbasteele
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    Bananakick wrote: »
    Did you get the right bale?

    nothing is right with CF bale
  • SergiuLive
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    He's great for me. He runs the wings, crosses good enough. Heads some goals too. His shots are great if you put some power into them low driven or not.
    Is also physical enough and decent defending to do some defending as well. Only downside stamina for me.

    I use him as LCAM, but if the opponent is more defensive and can't get in behind for crosses or shooting moving him on the right for some long shots works as well.
  • JohnDoe
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    Luckily for you, it'll just be a couple more draft matches and the suffering will be over.
  • FixFifaaaaa
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    Think u may be right op. Watched some fut channel replays over two weeks. The amount of time he gets pushed off the ball and misplaced passes is atrocious even considering he’s being controlled by the pros. I can tell when a player is **** by how the pros use certain type and Bale cf falls in that category.
  • Seandimes
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    Bale is like a worse version of Ronaldo. Hes got the strength and pace, but if you just run into him, you can get im off balance easily.
    Hes not suited for the cf position since he doesnt have the dribbling and a problem with his balance. Hes good as a striker if you have players around him that can set up goals for him.
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