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I have lost, drawn, or been disconnected from all of my last 10 games. In the 3 games I disconnected from I was in a winning position, each by at least 2 goals. But each of the 7 games I lost were the same - everything going against me:
- Low driven shots not being detected, so the shot flies over the bar
- Lag at crucial times of the game, usually me in a 1 on 1, or when my opponent is attacking me
- Hitting the post numerous times
- My keeper (De Gea) playing like he did when he first joined United
- My players scoring own goals
- Penalty decisions going in my opponents favor
- Players feeling generally slow and sluggish
- Outplaying my opponent every game, spending 75%+ of the game in my attacking third, only to lose to late goals and counter attacks
- Gabriel Jesus consistently shrugging off FUTmas Van Dijk, and scoring the kind of shots you'd expect CR7 or someone similar to score
- Conceding to kick off goals
- Bakayoko catching up to 84 Lingard when he was running at (near enough) full speed
- Watching replays where the shot arrow points in the bottom corner of the goal, but the shot mysteriously goes wide

When is this rubbish seriously going to stop? I understand why people are quick-selling their teams these days


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    EA Sports. Its in the game.
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    EA Sports. Its in the game.

  • Hopefully next year .
    My problems are inconsistentness like you shoot beat the keeper and it goes in, next time goes wide or hits post. Love to know what differ ent arrangement of buttons I pressed .
    Did u ever get those matches where u can get ball at start concede 3 corners ect until your one down
    Courtous punched it out twice stupidly for me from a kick off rapeige , till opponent scored then caught it all game.
    I heard a good one on this forum and it stuck and I haven't really played fut since .
    FIFA is like a self drive car you have to do a bit and the car does a bit lol
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    EA Sports. Its in the game.

  • No one is fully in control
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    EA Sports. Its in the game.
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