Store and Draft not working

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Anyone else having same issues? Can't open packs, and I can't enter Draft beyond the formation selection screen.


  • Same here. Talking to someone on Twitter about it. They said store is a known issue they are working on fixing.

    With draft the person I'm talking to just cancelled my draft and told me to reset Switch and try again but same issue so going to see what they say now. I'll give updates if/when I get any.
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    Wow you are actually able to talk with someone of EA about the Switch version?
  • So both things are known issues that they are working to fix and I was told they would be fixed soon although I'm doubting that as these issues have been going on for at least 12 hours now.

    Also as a result of the guy resetting my draft I'm also down 15k coins.

    Great effing job EA....
  • Just a heads up...Draft is working for me again now but the store still isn't. No store for nearly 24 hours now, actually ridiculous.
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    Read all the other posts here, EA running away from their responsibilities towards the Nintendo users.
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