Nif Kante vs IF Allan

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Tough fight!
Who do you guys think is better?


  • Smiley_Utd
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    Glad you said this, I've got Allan as a red and for me he's a beast, but I don't know whether to use Kante next to him or Icon Baka. Allan an Kante are basically the same player and neither have any height.
  • FessGray
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    IF Kessie
  • Deano2508
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    Used both a lot IF Allan is better
  • M@nt!c
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    Kante is faster and more agile, Allan better pass and shooting
  • PibeV14
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    Allan seems to be more "organized"
    Kante s sometimes all over the place... Dunno if it's just me but from my experience that's their most noticeable difference.

    Kante s more agile and a bit faster too, as someone previously mentioned, at the same time Allan feels a bit stronger and is 8cm taller (168 vs 175)
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