EA told us quick off glitch had been removed...

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Was it a lie? Was it an update only for FUT? I still continue to score and concede kick off goals non stop in seasons mode.. I have loads of clips saved, so this isn't made up. There are so many infuriating things with this game, but high up on the list is this BS. Just had a cracking game with some guy 0-0, hard fought for 85 minutes, then I get what I thought was the winner. After kick off my team collapses and he walks through to equalise. I couldn't make this up, after that what happened? I walk through his whole team (a team who had given me only 1 or 2 chances for 85 minutes) and make it 2-1. It was 88th min now and I paused a bunch of times, went park the bus, everything to make sure he doesn't score again... I didn't feel happy winning that game. It's a feeling I'm tired of feeling nowadays in FIFA. Not enjoying winning games anymore


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    Watch this video it is from FIFA 17 I know. But the principle is exactly the same. It has helped me a lot and I have not conceded a kick off goal for more than 5 months now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2FIb_LT0bQ

    The way you avoid kick off glitch and probably I think the best strategy is 2nd man contain. Once you bring on second man you have a couple of players arriving to block your opponent from not only running past your entire defence but also stopping them from making 1-2 passes constantly in zig-zag rapidity and eventually they score.

    Once you get hold of this the opponent will give-up attempting to score from kick-off as they'll realise this is no longer working for them. I maybe conceded only once or twice since then in the last 5 months after following the tips in this video. I think this will help you as well.
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