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The end has come

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Just wanna share my experience on FIFA 18 with you guys... If u don't care just ignore it.

FIFA 18 is my fourth FIFA only playing in UT.

Every year my objective is win the Division 1

(Last year with the WL, i changed my objective to gold in the monthly... I got it, but the rewards was so bad that i decided to not play WL anymore)

My teams:

FIFA 15 and 16 - Full bundes
FIFA 17 - Calcio and EPL
FIFA 18 - Hybrid MLS-Calcio-Icons.

So i won division 1 last Saturday with 7w 2d

With this team:

Prime R9
SIF Martinez Eoae KAKA IF Alessandrini
Prime Petit Baby Vieira
Alex sandro If Benatia Baby Maldini FB Peres
Handa 88

(This team is like 3kk more expensive comparing with my ultimate team from the last ones)

Thanks to the trade and this forum i managed to get this team only spending 750fp in the start of the game to play 2 Drafts still have 150fp.

Now i gonna wait for the new FIFA, playing another games.

So my conclusion is that even with all the problems in FIFA we could have a healthy experience.

Special thanks to @The_Great_Futsby
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