Came back after a few weeks...

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So as the title said I came back for a few games. The last 2 months I played that other football simulation game (you know what I mean). It's not a thread to say which one is better.

But what I really don't get is how fast FUT is. It is really crazy. You don't see it if you play it everyday. But give it a few weeks off and watch some real football and then play a bit FIFA. WOW.

I'm honest with you guys. This has nothing to do with football. I course we talked about how arcade this game is and it welcomes guys who don't try to play like their teams in real life but this is on another level.

Of course i tried having fun played with a 100k Serie a Squad and played a few friendlies. I faced an full icon Squad. Ok, I can live with that BUT these guys do pass after pass after pass and you can't do anything against it.

I'm normally an DIV 1-2 player but this is too much for me. I like to play tiki taka rather than doing these stupid OP tricks but this isn't realistic at all.

You exactly know that these guys would be nothing without pass assistance.

I remember playing FIFA 14 in DIV 1 without pass assistance. You can't do that no more. It's just way to overpowered. It really is just ping pong.

And tricks and dribblings wouldn't be that OP if you couldn't perform them that perfect and fast no matter which player you use.


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    + I played a few games with a friend who didn't played FIFA 18 before. He said the same. We couldn't have fun because he couldn't even dribble the ball properly he was forced to pass it all the time. It's just stupidly fast.
  • OZero
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    Yea once you compared the two, you will understand some basic stuff in Fifa is completely wrong.
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