TOTY Iniesta Price ?

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TOTY Iniesta price will rise please ?
I need him for my team ;)


  • M96RU
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    finally I bought him for 1 084 000 coins last night and it was a good deal... lower bin is 1 550 000 atm (futbin)

    Maybe players were selling him before TOTS, and buy him when they saw that he's not in TOTS !

    Good for me ;)
  • Imtnt
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    Lol no.. no one though he will be tots.
    toty iniesta isnt so great ingame.. so no one bother to get it. But now that all teams are setteled some buy him with spare money. Or those who planned to buy him low understand that he wont drop anymore.
  • M96RU
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    yes it is exactly what I did ;)
    I am happy with this card, great player imo
  • Xguti002
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    Iniesta is actually very good although his shots are not as good but who needs shots as a cm?
  • ItsRikku
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    He is very good, but there are cheaper alternatives like motm Rakitic
  • Eric the eel
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    For me he's a better CM than CAM .Don't think he cuts it as a CAM.SIF Isco far better for a CAM , but a CM I'm struggling to think of anyone better in La Liga.
  • ItsRikku
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    Agreed. LCM is his best position. I would rather save the coinage and use modric, rakitic etc.. And in my Spain squad , fabregas is just as good if not better at CM.
  • Bob Loblaw
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    He can pass and dribble as good as anyone. But he is weak, small, can't shoot, can't tackle. I sold him and got MOTM Rakitic for half the price. TOTS Cazorla is also better for 70k
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