potential 411 on many issues w online gameplay

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I have been so frustrated at times playing this game that I searched for answers that I could not find on this forum, although they are probably here.

This post describes some likely causes of hair pulling, blood pressure curling episodes in some in online p2p gameplay, be it online p2p seasons or WL.

I am not a techie, but there seems a lot of veracity in the descriptions explaining some poor online game play experience.

The post also says WL qualifying is on dedicated EA servers, which makes sense given that the bars are almost always green when beginning a game....however, one of my biggest problems I experience EVERY WL qualifying game is the game freezes on my end, then speeds up and I have no control....for like 2 or 3 seconds. I've been in tight games and this happens and I almost throw the controller. another WL issue I have is suddenly the frames pause for blips of seconds -- input is delayed or screwed up -- and my one time shots are off powered and shanked....so the WL platform also must have some EA technical adjustments or issues. Here's the post.


If 90% of this post is accurate, I would like for EA to publicly comment on how p2p online gameplay is affected by their technical set up. I mean, when I make a purchase for a player and buy fifa points, I am doing so based on the fact of a player's data points which are listed, mostly speed, acceleration, etc... If EA is altering the gameplay and that nullifies the skill sets of my players, then I should know this prior to making any purchase, or its basically false advertising.

Of course, I can just not make anymore purchases, but we all know FIFA 19 will come out in about 9 months. I'd like to know in advance if these online alterations of gameplay will be fixed or how EA's infrastructure will ensure better quality assurance. It will certainly factor whether I purchase the game again.

I'd also like for EA to post as part of the release of a new game (and even now) the optimal it environment for quality online experience.....

I'd also like to know how the pros and really good players it set up is done so that some of us who want an optimal online experience could emulate their it set up.

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