Ohhhh Yes please..... A "penalty box" for toxic players?

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Finally a gaming company making some sense of toxic players in multiplayer communities. But alas.... not EA..... sigh.....


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    Are you on about people sending messages after games or playstyles being toxic? As you can't "fix" the second issue. And unless EA work with Sony to have a system where anyone flagged for abusive messages can only be matched against eachother for example the first one wont change either

    I think GTA have the perfect system. If you literally only go around killing others to annoy them and be a prick then you can only begin to match against other people like you. Not sure if EA could implement this though
  • CtldChaos
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    What I am on about is that toxic players in multigamer communities is prevalent and important. A gaming company has decided to tackle the problem head on. Imagine a system in FIFA where toxic member of the community could be temporarily banned by community feedback. Not toxic playing styles, toxic behavior....

    On the toxic playing styles as long as they are in the game people will use them. I get that. That is on EA to balance the play styles so that there are pluses and minuses to each. I do not mind if people PTB and counter, that is a legit play style, but then that should take a larger stamina hit as the players are running up and down the field constantly or maybe they do not auto-recover as efficiently. Meaning that if you employ the tactic then you have advantages and disadvantages to account for.
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