Broken controller - I played whole WL with

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Holy smokes, i created thread about massive delay i had in WL.

And i checked fifa yesterday and holy smokes i got delay in seasons and squad battles.

Switched to the PS4 and connection there was great, so I went to the store and bought new controller.

Game is great again! Its a shame that I played WL with broken controller went 18-18 with 1 DC when winning haha.

Usually I gets 27-28.

Finally I can try R9 and Gullit in normal conditions where left stick works properly :D

Have a luagh with me.


  • Knowlesdinho
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  • SupaNoodle1990
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    I played with no LB & stick drift for 2 weeks, it’s not easy!
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    Just a question, how many times have you said holy smokes in real life and are you a fan of retro batman programmes
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    This pic didn't load when I read the thread and first thing I thought was batman :D
  • PelzyWelzy
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    I played with no LB & stick drift for 2 weeks, it’s not easy!

    Ahh man, I feel your pain. I played a full WL in 17 where my LB would only react if I all but stamped on it... would take four of five smashes to finally switch player, apart from the odd occasion where it would work completely on its own and for no reason at all :joy:
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