Looking for (PS4) good players for Season Coop.

1 posts Ball Boy
Hey guys, new to the forum! Glad to be here.
I was just looking for players to season coop on Fifa 17, PS4 as the title says.

I am a good player, don't hesitate if you want to add me I will be happy to share some games with you guys!




  • Sillymoo
    27 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I give it ago im averge depends on conection not played coop for few years was good 2v2 player back in the day fifa 12-14

  • Sillymoo
    27 posts Last Pick at the Park
    O fifa 17 soz only have 18 any one want add me coop pothead13
  • STUDIO303
    6 posts Ball Boy
    edited April 16
    Please add me I'm good at 2v2 much better than crappy 1v1. ARRRSE KICKER or ARRSE KICKER it's one or the other
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