Swap Baby Blanc for FUT Birthday Florenzi?

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Afternoon chaps,

Currently running Baby Blanc RCM but wondering if the FUT Birthday Florenzi would be a better option here?

Anyone who has used Florenzi have thoughts on whether he plays like his stats suggest?



  • McRaven
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    Florenzi is amazing for his price imo. Different player than Blanc though. I think Florenzi can be best compared to Lothar Matthaus.
  • Kizler
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    Yes, Florenzi has been amazing for me. Hasn’t scored or assist for me but done very thing else, unsung hero in my team
  • S-Dog
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    Florenzi is amazing
  • Henstock
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    If you can fit him without changing chem then deffo, I’d have him but my savic is untradeable
  • Falafelmonster
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  • jacko1759
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    I’d just need to switch Florenzi and Rijkaard in game but nothing major! Does he feel strong enough?
  • DarthGrowler
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    S-Dog wrote: »
    Florenzi is amazing

  • MyRoomsMessi
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    He’s incredible mate, have used both he is a much better midfielder. Blanc for CDM though.
  • Hippyboy6
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    Florenzi is unreal, I hear people all the time saying "best player I've used" he really is that guy. Normally you add a midfielder & play on but he is a real game changer, superb in defence & attacking....... Never leaving the team
  • rckstr
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    Florenzi is atrocious
  • Shane
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    TIF Savic > both
  • Falafelmonster
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    @rckstr for real? What's your reasoning about it?

    @Shane you used both Florenzi and Savic? What gives Savic the upper hand?

    I'm looking to get one of them on my team.
  • MyRoomsMessi
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    rckstr wrote: »
    Florenzi is atrocious

    Confirmed haven’t used him.
  • ItsOnlyAli
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    edited March 2018
    Used both Florenzi and Savic in my team this weekend, Savic as rcm and Florenzi at lcm in a 41212(2).

    Florenzi is much more involved than Savic in both aspects attacking and defending his interceptions are exceptional and dribbling is sublime at times he's like a toty kante, He feels alot better on the ball than Savic. Having said that he struggled against your petits and vieras whereas Savic could go toe to toe with them and gave me more of a presence in midfield. Both are superb and I plan to keep both, neither is icon level but both are amongst the best non icon mids in the game.
  • Vflagship
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    Blanc so over rated, Florenzi is much better imo
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