Will good Informs and good high rated cards go up when this totw upgrade ends?

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And what will happen to them when gold upgrade/Icon Upgrade ends next Friday? Talking about good cards that people play with, not discard/ones people buy for sbcs.


  • Fab
    19737 posts Club Captain
    i imagine yeah if we're talking about the top top top top tier
  • bimbomx
    332 posts Sunday League Hero
    I only see the market going down from now on, two of the biggest icons where just released
  • Idek
    17630 posts World Class
    TOTS around the corner so can't see it going back up much if at all
  • CCole
    231 posts Sunday League Hero
    With Pele Next week and sbcs going out it should go up a bit
  • alanrudy
    1557 posts Play-Off Hero
    I can see both sides of it with them not being packed, but also their demand decreasing, not sure.
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