Birthday Rooney

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Best position?


  • WryLucky
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    CAM or RCM, although he's been playing pretty well at CM in a 442 for me.
  • rodrel
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    He plays equally good at ST with a fast partner or CAM.

    I was playing him ST with FB Mane and he was outplaying Mane.

    Currently playing him at CAM, because I grabbed a PTG Firminho.

    So happy I did his sbc. Dropped prime Costa for him and never looked back.
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    I play 4312 and was wondering where Birthday Rooney would be best suited?
  • Andre03
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    ROYALNUTT wrote: »
    I play 4312 and was wondering where Birthday Rooney would be best suited?

  • Greg056
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    He’s my central CAM in a 4231 and so far he’s been pretty amazing!
  • HelloDearie
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    Plays up top for me in 4231, and he’s a monster. Only divisions but has 27 in 23 since I got him. Pains me to play with Man Utd’s record scorer tho :D

    I do think he is one of those players though who can literally play anywhere from CDM to ST and play well.
  • mdizzl3
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    Central CAM
  • jbunnerz
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    ROYALNUTT wrote: »
    I play 4312 and was wondering where Birthday Rooney would be best suited?

    I play him in RCM works a treat for me
  • Boysie91
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    I would say CM but he is doing well for me at CDM in 352
  • pekkaa88
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    Was a great CF for me. Just switched him to CM in 4411 as I wanted to get untradable base Hagi in as CF
  • antonius
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    i regret not doing him so much this WL
    his pace is a lie hes rapid
    so strong and can shoot from anywhere
    a nightmare this wl for me scored so many against me
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    Thanks lads. I think i might move him into midfield as a Cam then. Aguero and who up top is the next question. 500k budget.
  • BeastlyHusla
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    I play him CM, was terrible for me in ST and CAM. Just wouldn't make runs forward.
  • I play him on CAM pretty good so far .
    Not sure if he's better than Firmino 87 whom he replaced though.

    Doesn't matter since I sub him off for lozano at half time most of the time anyway
  • Sandell85
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    Im using him cdm
  • Andrux2k
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    I used him as a lonely striker, He is crap. Then I put him as a CF and that turned him into a god. Scoring bangers from everywhere
  • kathers81
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    I've used him in every position from striker to CDM. In my opinion, his best position is part of a central midfield 2. Always seems to be around the ball in midfield and because of the high aggression, stops counter attacks quickly.
    Not shy at banging them in from long range and I'm usually poor at that.
  • Bellcheddar
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    I would play Shrek as a cam - if someone put a gun to my head and told me I had to use him lol :trollface:
  • zoltan88zadine
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    ROYALNUTT wrote: »
    I play 4312 and was wondering where Birthday Rooney would be best suited?
    CAM with engine or hunter hes class there
  • Salama
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    I've played 40+ games with Rooney CAM on 4231. Even though his stats look awesome, and I've hit some of those insane long shots, tbh just doesn't feel that good. For some reason SIF Arnie 86 feels a lot better and scores more.

    Maybe I'll try Rooney at CM in a different formation. Didn't really cost anything either.
  • bberger
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    edited April 2018
    CAM for me in a 51212. Drops into the midfield enough on defence and is a somewhat recessed playmaker when going forward. Almost always in position to receive a pass or shoot.

    His 99 composure makes him extremely useful in tight spaces too
  • Player_2
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    I think he’s awesome! Use him in my fitness squad with him as target man and Rashford get in behind up top.
  • richo27
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    He is good. Am a bit bored though so put him in icon sbc to make it cheap and out popped...Pires. Kill me now.
  • ShadeReason
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    cm is fine, st is fine. like, i feel some lack of pace on st, but that's playstyle. on the other hand he has higher defend than lots of real CM', and pace for that position is ok. I'd say rooney is a filler. just make your team, and put him to an empty spot.
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