Squad Update for Online Seasons - Xbox One

Why hasnt Fifa updated the online squad for seasons ? I play with my friends and family and we are still playing with the old teams. Coutinho is still in liverpool, instead of Barca.
If all EA cares about is FUT, I will stop buying Fifa in the future.

Or am i missing something ? It feels so weird, that when i play locally my team squad is updated, but when i go online to play with friends i have the old squad


  • SDoofus
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    You've got it set on custom squads, rather than online squads. Have a closer look at the same menu where it lets you change the half lengths, etc.
  • alright... i will check it out , once i reach home.
    I thought it would happen automatically as usual, when we pick liverpool.

    You are not talking about picking players from other teams and adding manually right ?

    By the way, whole reason i am asking this is to have Van Dijk in my liverpool team.. lol
  • i dont see that option in menu... is no one else having this issue ?
    Like you play online with your friends and your squad is new (with the Jan Transfers) ?
  • i have the same issue
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