Another promo to use green cards tomorrow??

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I held on to my green cards because I thought I remember reading the notes to be careful what you use your green cards for because there are only so many earned green cards and more sbcs will come out. Now I'm thinking maybe that note was referring to these SBCs from past years and to just be wise with how you use green cards because there are not enough green cards for all 3 FUT Birthday cards. Which is correct?


  • Sirin
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    Pretty sure this is it. I just did Rooney for that reason.
  • Dinksy
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    I'm holding out hope for a REAL premium RVP SBC. Plz EA I beg
  • alanrudy
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    Leaning towards this is it since only 18 hours left and no news of others. Wouldn't want to be left holding green cards worth nothing. Kinda sucks 2/3 sbcs were PL and other is Ere which not many people have teams for.
  • The lack of Info from EA is annoying.

    Probably the safest option is to use them in an SBC before 6pm tomorrow.
  • Idek
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    Yeah I'm not risking that and being left with useless St Pats cards, did Rooney and Schweinsteiger
  • Mr. Soper
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    no way. Why would you think they would make a new one. Imagine how pissed everyone would get. Not a chance
  • starchunderpants
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    Mr. Soper wrote: »
    no way. Why would you think they would make a new one. Imagine how pissed everyone would get. Not a chance

    And this is the reason i see EA doing one :)
  • Trobos_Locos
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    There's never been a new SBC without the tools or resources to complete it...

    Besides the Frankfurt one.
  • dylanmx
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    Hahaha, this would be great
  • HideousCompany
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    If there is then they'll release more Green cards, if needed. They're not that cruel lol
  • Truthurts
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    typical EA lack of clarity so you do the wrong thing
    just like their menus easy to make a mistake

    I think this is it use up your green cards but again it's EA so who knows
  • Woodersinho
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    If they release more SBCs that use them they'll release new ways to get more though objectives but tbh St Pats has come & gone and I think the current options will be the only use for them and they'll probably just re-release these SBCs during Futties without green card requirements so even though they'll all be obsolete if you want to collect them you can
  • Jim
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    0% chance of anything further happening with the St Pats stuff. They already made one radical change this year by screwing over everyone who invested in Irish players anticipating the same promotion as last year, they're not going to risk angering the community at large with some second surprise reveal.

  • LoPo9
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    Do I have to get 4 to do anything?
  • pudgyfudgy
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    Even if they release a new set of Premiums, I am 100% sure they won't require green cards.

    It will be extremely uncool, plus St Paddy's Day is long over.
  • LoPo9
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    Can I get anything if I only have 3?
  • alanrudy
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    I'm just going to use them on the two 88s.
    LoPo9 wrote: »
    Do I have to get 4 to do anything?
    LoPo9 wrote: »
    Can I get anything if I only have 3?

    With 3 of them you can get two 88s. Even if you don't play those cards you can submit them to sbcs with high rating requirement. Hurry though, looks like this sbc/promo will end in 12 hours.
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