game play issues

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I've played WL 3 times today. Each game a few things happen: I lose control and my players slow down and then the entire game speeds up and clearly gameplay has not slowed on my opponents end, but I have no control of my players, then whatever button was hit randomly occurs when the gameplay slows again....

I was winning 3-1 and this freezing on my end while the gameplay accelerated on his allowed my opponent to score 2 goals.

The other thing I noticed was what was also happening in ONLINE games yesterday and this morning. the opponents team is moving faster and my team slows..... I have quick guys up top, ie Werner 87 and Gnabry 82 and Sule of all players caught up to Gnaby in the box when Gnabry had 2 feet on Boateng is faster than Sule but when my Boateng loses a foot - 2ft in the box, he never makes it up....also, I noticed his team motoring around mine in the box.....ive seen an opponent playing w Sterling dance around my box and nigh a defender can touch him, but my fast dudes always have defenders catching them.

I am wondering if my internet is too slow & if my having faster internet is going to make a difference or if this is just EA's algorithm compensating somehow.

Its beyond frustrating.


  • antonius
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    i keep experiencing the same thing.... tbh this games gameplay has hit rock bottom, no chance of them fixing it this late
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