Attacking Issues (Lack of variety & contain defense)

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Well, as the topic says! I'm currently struggling with two things in-game when it comes to attacking phase.

My first big issue is that I lack variety in my game style. I find myself doing the same thing over and over again and most of the times It works fine, especially against people that aren't too good or playing the game as if they had a gun to their head. They way I play is through the middle and pretty narrow. Also I do pass the ball a lot, having around 60-70% ball possesh I still struggle to find my way through the defense. I'm not that kind of player that pass the ball in the back as I usually stick to the offensive side of the pitch. Despite having 60-70% ball poss and with over 90% pass accuracy, I can't break through. How do I continue from here? What am I doing wrong or how can I improve? I'm trying to wide things out by passing out on the wingers(?) even though I do not use that kind of formation.
Currently I'm using the 4-2-2-2 and 4-3-1-2 and I am pleased with it and I think I'm the issue and not the formation itself.

My second issue goes hand in hand with the first one. The contain defense. I'm just so bad at beating this as it drives me crazy how this is even in 'competitive' mode, aka WL. I've been reading a lot about this topic and most people are saying that passing the ball around counters the contain defense, however, I'm not able to do this with success. It seems like everywhere I go, pass the ball or make my turn, they're always up my **** and leaving me with no space at all. I can honestly say that I can walk with one of my midfielders towards my own goal and having their centre back up my arse the entire time. Not only is it frustrating but also hard for me to counter properly.

Any suggestions? How do I manage with the contain, what am I doing wrong? I use skillmoves to a certain level, nothing special or complicated. It just very boring and sad to see the opponent either use contain defense or haunting your players all over the pitch, worst case scenario is both at the same time.

How do you guys manage? I will not use the contain defense myself or playing the meta-way because it kills the gameplay for me. Either way it does I guess, but I rather not be one of those **** that ruins the fun.


  • FifaGod97
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    Use 5212 . Put the Full Backs on " always overlap " & you can also play tiki taka in this. Your wing backs will 90% percent always be open as people put their team width too narrow , so the wings will be cleared to get in the back line
  • kraid
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    With regards to contain defenders. Instead of just walking away from goal with them up your butt, use L2/R2 as you move back and your player will swivel on the ball to face goal and start walking backwards. This works best with agile players. Then you can play a 1-2, try n trick past them or look for a through ball to an overlapping player. The through ball is usually best, their containing player following you will usually leave a bit of space for you players to run into. 1-2 is good as your player is now facing towards their goal and their player is facing away, once you 1-2 your guy will run right pass their defender and will often get into a good space.
  • Dutchcaliber
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    Learn a few skillmoves to throw off your opponent. Skills like the dragback and the ball roll are really versatile and can be used for multiple scenario's. As for contain defence use 1-2 passing it will destroy them. Also the heel to heel flick is also very good against players who abuse contain.
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