Kaka's debut

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I'll be honest I wasn't planning on getting him but 6 pints of lager & a bit of luck in the 82-86 upgrade changed my mind (getting Ederson, Jonas, Jesus & fabinho from 5 is sort of a hint) so used a few untradeables with Schweiny & Bob's your uncle.

It was a bit of a baptism of fire for the lad, he got thrown on the bench as we started a SB against that ridiculous team (3 x 99 players? Really?) I sent him off to warm up, gentle jogging as I didnt want him dying before I brought him on, we're all aware of his crippling asthma & 60 a day habit. I thought I'd ease him in gently so brought him on in the 2nd minute. We were getting over run & I'm sure he felt like Aubameyang during his first game for arsenal..... WTF am I doing here.

Anyway we hold our own for the first half going in 0-0, I have a word at HT as he's not making any runs at all, we square up & TBF I wasn't aware he was 6 foot 2 & had garlic for lunch...... Second half kicks off & he's a different player, passes on point & a beautiful shot from outside the box to make it 1-0, I run over to celebrate with him but he flips me the bird. They equalise through sheer bad luck & god awful defending, no amount of shouting at the TV can get Benatia to tackle, next time I'm using the controller. Again Kaka kicks into gear, a sweet 1-2 with Savic & we're 2-1 up, a lovely low strike from just inside the box. We hit the 70min mark & it's all hands on deck, well literally for Kaka, he's on his hands & knees as he crawls around near the half way line, I removed the tape from the sprint button so he can see out the game. We clung on for victory. Kaka a well deserved MOTM performance.

Looks like a good addition to the Hippyboy ranks


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