Legendary consistency in league and cup games

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After the recent update I have found a real issue with the legendary game difficulty and AI OP.

Now there is many on hear that say legendary is too easy and I would agree in some circumstances that it is but recently the game has gone mad.

I am playing with Partick Thistle and I am in my third season and my team is about 4 to 4.5 stars I think with a fair amount of overall 80+ players. Yet the complete in consistency of the level of gameplay has gone mental.

For example I play Man U, Ath Madrid, PSV and a Turkish side in the group stages of the Champ league and top the group with 12 points beating Man U home and away. Yet I play a joke of a Celtic side and it’s like chasing **** shadows......Dembele would be banned in real life for drug use he is so insane and Griffiths or whatever he is called is guaranteed to score from anyway with his 1 shot and goal every game.

It’s mad frustrating I just laugh.

Then there is any type of knock out cup game. I do not understand what is going on here full stop. Last round of 16 champ league or Scottish cup my players act like fat useless ****. I have Ramsey rated 85 and he turns like the **** QE2 and passes like tractor on the A1. Worse is when I watch the reply of my pass and it that shows that line where I wanted it to go and it **** off elsewhere. Worse is the containment button or change man both become utterly inept. Deflections or tackles go to the AI every time. Balls defended from corners fly directly and perfectly to the AI CF.

The game is **** and lacks truth depth of programming to make games actually understandably hard. I can be out passed or tactically beaten but to make my players just poor and heighten the AI is just so poor for a modern game.

Loved it up to the recent patch but now as per it seems to have gone mad again.


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