Do we expect the same requirements for Prime Ronaldo/Gullit SBC

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So around the 2.8 - 3M mark


  • Pxul_
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    Gullit yes R9 4M
  • Zv1k0
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    I think so. We all thought Ronaldinho and Maradona would be way more than they are. I expect the same for Gullit and maybe 1 more Icon or 2-3 IFs more for R9 since he is "featured" Icon. So 3.5M - 4M max for R9.
  • murazor
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    Those Base Icon SBC makes me think that they ll require more icons than the rest. I hope I m wrong
  • v4vendetta1978
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    11 icons will be needed 3.5 mill sounds about right and the lower baby icons that have crashed will not be low anymore buy now to make bank your welcome
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