of all upgrade SBC which one do you think is more likely to be rewarded?

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edited March 2018

84-87 approx. 21K
86-89 approx. 80K
82-85 approx 7K


  • DadBod
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    Thanks for circling the amount.. very helpful
  • iNero
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    Thanks for circling the amount.. very helpful
  • Lackosweat
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    If i have to choose, 82-85 is probably the best out of them.
  • pudgyfudgy
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    None of them are worth it right now. Everyone's excited to do these shiny new SBCs, so prices are a little inflated. 84s are going for 8-8.5k, while 83s are going for about 3.8k. During other TOTW SBC periods, 84s typically go for about 6k and 83s for 2.5k. The SBCs aren't going to expire soon, so give it a few days for prices to settle.
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